The Studio


You have done an amazing job on the tracks. They’re awesome.

— Charlene

At Echo, we are pleased to have some very sought after instruments available to our clients, at no extra cost. See below for a list of our included instruments.


  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Guitar (1978)
  • Fender Precision Bass (70’s)
  • Eko Acoustic Guitar (70’s)


  • M102 Hammond Organ & 145 Leslie Speaker
  • Fender Rhodes 54
  • Joseph Wallis Upright Piano


  • Marshall 2 x 12 JMP Master Model Lead Combo (70s)
  • Fender Tremolux Amp (60s)
  • Fender Bassman Ten (70s)
  • Weinbrock ME-1 Combo
  • Weinbrock ME-5 Barracuda Amp
  • Marshall 4 x 12 Cabinet (x 2)
  • Fender 2 x 12 Cabinet (70s)


  • Mapex M Series drumkit (12, 13 & 16 inch toms)

We also have some brilliant sample libraries and soft synths, including:

  • East West Pianos
  • Drumagog 5 (drum samples)
  • Tremor (drum machine & synth)
  • M-Tron Pro (Melotron samples)
  • Vienna Symphonic Library (string samples)
  • Arturia V Collection (soft synths)
  • Neo Soul Keys (vintage keyboards)
  • Vintage Horns (brass samples)

All of the equipment listed above is available at no extra charge to anyone using the studio. However, our equipment does change from time to time, so if there is an instrument you’d like to use for your recording please mention this when booking.