The Studio

You have done an amazing job on the tracks. They’re awesome.

— Charlene

Echo Studios was designed and built in early 2007 specifically as a recording studio. Each of the rooms has views out over the fields, proper ventilation and wi-fi, making it a relaxing and comfortable studio to work in. Many of our clients compliment us on how nice the environment is – something we’re very proud of.

The large, lounge style control room can comfortably sit six people. Excellent monitoring due to the low profile Argosy desk and monitor stands, along with the Iso Acoustic isolation stands. When the studio was renovated in 2016 we added a machine room, leaving the control room with more space and making it extremely quiet. This is particularly beneficial as the control room is often used as an extra recording area.

The 330 sq ft live room is a flexible space that can accommodate a full band, string section or small choir. Divide it up using the acoustic screens, or open it out and make the most of the space. Drum sounds can be dry and upfront or roomy and open.

There is a good sized vocal / instrument booth for one or two people. This is the perfect place for vocalists, soloists or guitar and bass cabs. Excellent acoustic separation from the Live Room but with complete visual contact.

You can use the lounge / kitchen to chill out, rehearse parts or, as it is wired into the control room, as another recording space. It has everything you need to keep you going through those long sessions including a fridge, microwave, coffee machine, kettle and toaster and enough seating for a band to tuck into their takeaway.

Last but not least, the studio has it’s own toilet, so is completely self contained.