We are all delighted – and seriously impressed, given the studios we’ve recorded in and engineers we’ve worked with.

— James Keen

If you’re a solo performer looking for a bigger, more commercial sound, or a group hoping to take their music to the next level, the best thing you can do is to involve a producer in your next project.

A producer can help in numerous ways, including:

  • Helping with musical and lyrical composition
  • Finding the right key and tempo for your songs
  • Suggesting new musical ideas
  • Broadening the range of sounds that you have access to
  • Understanding your musical vision and tastes
  • Recommending and employing session musicians
  • Providing that all important ‘fresh ear’ to your music
  • Ensuring the highest quality for all performances

A combination of all of the above will move your music forward and maximise it’s commercial potential.

Jamie has been producing music for artists for over a decade and has learnt how to bring the best out of a song, whilst avoiding some of the common mistakes that can easily occur in the studio. Below are examples of his productions:

Try – Dexeter (country pop)

Words – Joe Miles (acoustic pop)

Proud – Amber Faulkner (pop)

Echo Studios is perfectly equipped to produce your music to the highest standard. We can offer:

  • A selection of fantastic instruments including electric, acoustic and bass guitars, a Mapex drum kit, an upright piano, a Hammond Organ with Leslie Speaker, a Fender Rhodes and Marshall and Fender amplifiers
  • The skills to play most of these instruments ourselves, saving you the cost of hiring session musicians
  • Industry standard tools such as BFD (drum sample library), Ivory and East West Pianos (piano sample libraries), Vienna Symphonic Library (real string samples), Arturia V Collection (classic synths), Drumagog (drum replacement program), Melodyne (tuning software)
  • The technical skills to mix and master all of these elements together to create a professional result

Prices can include the full production – recording, mixing and mastering – and might not be as much as you think!

So get in touch for an informal chat about our productions and we can give you a specific quote. Call 01280 823158 or email