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We are all delighted – and seriously impressed, given the studios we’ve recorded in and engineers we’ve worked with.

— James Keen

A busy year so far…

2013 has been very busy for the studio. We kicked off the year with more sessions for the Jack Stow album Shadow Man, which we started late in 2012. Jack has been in the studio working on the album for the past few months and it’ll be released towards the end of the year. You can hear some work in progress on his website.

Orange Johnny were also back in the studio in January finishing off their debut EP – you can check out the opening track here.

In February we had the pleasure of recording a voiceover for the Peter Neal documentary ‘Starting at Zero’ about the life of Jimi Hendrix. Peter knew and worked with Jimi in the sixties and his passion for Jimi’s music really comes across in the film. This is due for release in 2013.

Also in February, Jamie started work on Krissy Matthews’s new album, produced by Pete Brown of Cream fame. The album was recorded in a couple of weeks and the mixing was finished in early May. Krissy is currently negotiating the release of the album which looks set to be early 2014.

Oxfordshire three-piece The Scholars came in during April to record two new tracks. They’ve been regularly gigging this year and it would be well worth catching them live if you have the opportunity.

June saw the return of Roses & Pirates to the studio, recording two tracks in tribute to their drummer Fay, who tragically died earlier this year. The single Fay’s Song is out now here.

Over the summer Jamie was very excited to visit Abbey Road Studios. Earlier in the year Bernie Marsden had recorded demos for his new album at Echo, and Jamie had the opportunity to spend the day in Studio 3 Abbey Road, where some of the songs were being recorded. It was fantastic to see such a great studio first hand, not to mention popping into Studio 2 and pretending to be John Lennon.

The Sea The Sea are a five-piece band from Oxfordshire who recorded their EP at Echo during July and August, under the watchful eye of producer / engineer Jamie Morris. You can hear the results here on Spotify.

And finally… the ever busy Ryker Sear were in during August and September completing two new tracks produced by Jamie. Keep an eye on their website for release info.