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We are all delighted – and seriously impressed, given the studios we’ve recorded in and engineers we’ve worked with.

— James Keen

You, me and the blog.

Hello and welcome to the new Echo Studios site… it’s been a while coming but it’s finally live and I am very much relieved. You see, I’m not so good at the motivational side of things… I got into music so that I could make music and not mess around with HTML. Why spend hours of my life reformatting text when I could be in the studio coming up with yet more understated guitar parts?!

But even I could see that there’s no point in having a great studio if you don’t tell anyone about it, so I spent those hours tweaking away and this is the result. I’ve even got a blog. For a while I didn’t even know what a blog was, only that lots of people seem to have them and my website designer told me I should have one too. I felt quite trendy when I mentioned to friends that I had a blog, until someone actually wanted to read it, at which point I realised that I should probably write something. So here we are… you, me and the blog. Don’t get too close – I have no idea what it could do next.

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Thanks, Jamie.