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Original Synths

The new mixes are perfect, thank you.

— Alexis Ffrench

Echo Studios have teamed up with local company Original Synths to bring you some classic instruments to hire at very competitive rates. If you’re after that retro sound then look no further.

Below are a list of synths currently available. All prices include delivery and collection, so what you see is what you pay – no extras!

ARP Odyssey (1972-1981)arpodyssey

One of the oldest and most popular of the classic analogue synthesizers, the ARP Odyssey has been used by countless musicians over the last 40 years. It is a very versatile and intuitive instrument with almost infinite modulation capabilities, making it particularly good for special effects, although it is more than adequate as a lead or bass synth. The available model is an original Mk 1 black and gold face from 1974-5.

£34.00 per day / £102.00 per week

Korg 800DV (Maxi-Korg) (1974-5)korg800

Korg started out as a drum machine and organ manufacturer. As a result of this their earliest synthesizers were based largely on organ technology. The best of these was the Maxi-Korg 800DV. Although it has duophonic capability, it is at its best when used with the 2 oscillators and 2 sub oscillators working together to create some huge surrealistic sounds! It is also great for unusual lead and bass sounds. Although it has some limitations in technical terms (it cannot self-oscillate for those huge filter sweeps), it should be judged more on the massive sounds and considerable control that this unique instrument provides.

£36.00 per day / £108.00 per week

Moog Prodigy (1979-1984)moogprodigy

The Prodigy was designed as a simple ‘entry level’ synthesizer by Moog, without any input from its legendry founder Bob. That has not stopped it from becoming arguably the most used synthesizer of the classic analogue era. Because it is simple to use, and relatively cheap, it became the obvious choice for a first synth for many users. However, it also came with a 24db low pass filter, which helps to give it that classic Moog sound. As a result, the Prodigy became one of the cornerstones of the synthpop era, and is still widely used in many musical formats, mostly for those silky synth bass lines.

£22.00 per day / £66.00 per week

Roland SH5 and SH7 (1976-81 & 1978-81)rolandsh5

These instruments represent the pinnacle of the Japanese surge into the synth market during the mid-late 70’s. The SH5 has just about everything you could want from a synthesizer in terms of performance. 2 fully independent VCO’s, 2 LFO’s, an additional attack/decay for creative sound shaping and best of all a band pass filter for producing some unique lead and bass sounds! Then a couple of years on they brought out the SH7, with slightly different features. The SH7 has more modulation possibilities than its predecessor, is duophonic, and has 2 ADSR’s, which can really enhance performance, but for some reason they left out the band pass filter (which is partly the reason for the SH5 being more sought after today). All this aside, these are right up there with the greatest classic analogue synthesizers ever produced! Go compare!

Roland SH5 £44.00 per day / £132.00 per week

Roland SH7 £40.00 per day / £120.00 per week

Minimoog Voyager (2002-)minimoogvoyager

This monophonic instrument was designed (partly by Bob Moog himself) to take the iconic minimoog model D into the 21st century. The control panel functions in a similar way to the original, but this is enhanced by a digital section, which not only can control a lot of the instruments functions, but has a sound bank containing just under 900 presets, all of which can be tweaked using the main control panel! The keyboard is touch sensitive to volume and modulation, making this instrument as expressive as anything ever made.

£54.00 per day / £162.00 per week

Mellotron M400D (c2011-)mellotron

The M400D is a digital version of the instrument that helped to define the sound of the prog era! All those strings, voices, flutes, saxes and so many other sounds have been packed into a much more portable and convenient unit than the wonderfully cumbersome original. The fully polyphonic keyboard has arguably the lightest touch of any such instrument, and is a joy to play!

£44.00 per day / £132.00 per week